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"Working with Parikha was a beautiful and relaxing experience. We all felt at ease during the shoot - even our two little boys. She stood back and observed our everyday life and was able to capture honest images of our “real” life - not staged formal photos. 

She also captured artistic details of my business, and was able to show how I work at home with my family. The images from our family shoot are honestly the best images we have of our family - they really tell our story. I highly recommend Parikha for editorial and family photography."

- Bri Brant, Arden + James

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"The images Parikha captured of my family are ones I will cherish forever. They weren't posed, they weren't showcasing a clean house... but they were perfection. They captured the real, raw moments of being a new family of three. When I look back on this time in our lives I want to remember trying to feed our son and all the mess that involved. I want to remember trying to soak in some air and get outside for a quick walk between naps and feedings. I want to remember how I felt like superwoman when being able to feed my son. I want to remember the way my son looked at my husband with absolute adoration while getting a fresh diaper.  Life is made up of the moments in between the attempts at perfection and it's those moments that I will forever cherish and be grateful to Parikha for capturing!!!"

- Sarah Kudlack, Heart + Dash


"Working with Parikha is a joy. She brings an amazing eye to her work, and manages to be right where she needs to be to catch truly special details while being completely unobtrusive. She's equally willing to listen to your thoughts for a shot and also brings her own brilliant ideas to the work. I cherish many of the moments she's captured of my shops as a wonderful way of preserving a moment in time in my business." 

Sara Villari, Occasionette & Girls Can Tell

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With three young children and two full-time jobs, our family photos typically consisted of iPhone selfies in our driveway on our way to a birthday party. So, when we scheduled a time for Parikha to photograph our family, I felt an enormous amount of pressure to capture the perfect photo where everyone was smiling, looking in the same direction, and nobody was giving anyone bunny ears.

What we got, though, was even better. Parikha captured the chaos and mundane details of our family and home and made them beautiful. She captured the personality and spirit of each our kids. Parikha was natural and comfortable with the kids and with us. She didn’t try to manipulate the situation to create perfect images; rather she told us to do as we normally did and was able to document the moments. And, though we didn’t realize it at the time, Parikha managed to capture images of each of us with our kids individually, which is something we will all treasure as they grow older.  

Parikha’s artistic eye shines through in all her photography. We’ve long admired her editorial work and she brings the same level of detail and simplicity in photographing families. We didn’t know that the perfect images would be ones of us jumping on the bed or watching the kids ride scooters from the porch. When we look back at our photos, we are not looking at images from a photoshoot, but we are experiencing a day in the life of our family and this moment in time.  

- The Shah family

I liked when Parikha Kaki took the picture of me and momma laying on the bed together. -  Syra, age 6

I liked when we jumped on the bed because I love jumping on the bed.  - Mika, age 3

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"Working with Parikha was casual and authentic. We never felt posed or awkward. Parikha allowed us to live our usual, daily life, and happened to capture the small moments of delight with an expert eye. We received our final photos quickly! Children grow so quickly, families shift and change, but the photos helped me to encapsulate perfect snippets of time!"

- Keren & family