If you don't find all the answers you need here, let's talk one-on-one.

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Are you the right photographer for me?

Portrait photography is one of the most personal and important heirlooms you'll ever invest in, and that's precisely why choosing the photographer who best understands you and your needs is critical to the success of your session. Whatever your goals are for your images, there won't be any do-overs for this particular day in your life, so let's set you up to make the most of it.

There is a vast spectrum of quality family photography styles out there, and, as you can see from the images I share here, my approach falls somewhere between lifestyle and documentary. This means I am all about cultivating real moments in real spaces, though I will sometimes use a few tricks to break the ice and keep things moving. I care more about freezing moments of you connecting with each other than I do about moments of you connecting directly with my camera lens.

If you have visions of matching outfits in an artificially styled studio space, or if you only want photos of everyone looking at the camera with a perfect smile, I'm not the one for you. If you want to look at your images and see the best parts of your real life reflected back at you, then we'll be able to make magic together. 

As for editorial and brand work, I keep the same ethic and approach here--authenticity, context & storytelling--but we'll do a little more tailoring to your project's specific needs, since they vary so much. If you're looking for donated services to support a charitable cause, I keep limited space open for those, so get in touch ASAP and I'll see what I can do.

What's included?

For family work, you'll get a 1-2 hour session, all full-resolution digital files, and an online gallery hosting your images for 2 weeks, where you'll have the option to purchase additional, a la carte specialty print products direct from my most trusted pro lab.  I have tried a million different pricing structures, and this is the one that seems to work best for everyone - you get the digital files you really want, I get to know that the entire story of your images will stay intact, and there's a chance for you to treat yourself to some extra goodies without any icky sales pressure. My philosophy here (throughout the entire process, really) is basically to treat you how I would want to be treated, if I were in your shoes.

For editorial assignments, I'll provide a custom quote & deliverables according to your specific project parameters.

For more information on rates, drop me a line.



What's the session going to be like? How do we prepare?

Most likely, I'm going to convince you to shoot at home. Please, PLEASE don't freak out if your home is not professionally styled and/or spotless--all the images you see on my website were shot in real homes, just like yours. I promise you, your home holds so much depth and meaning, there's no way your images WON'T be beautiful, regardless of how your things are arranged (or not, as the case may be). Home is where you all open up most easily, where you connect most intimately. It deserves to be celebrated that way. You can choose to tidy, or not; the answer to this question is really about what you want your family to see when they look back on those images. We'll talk through this more one-on-one before your session, so don't worry if you're still a little nervous.

If you absolutely cannot shoot at home, then we'll at least pick a place that has meaning for you. Please note that outdoor sessions are at the mercy of the weather, and, while I try my best to accommodate rescheduling requests, I can't always guarantee them.

As for clothes, everyone should look like themselves. Feel free to loosely coordinate, but there's no need for Pinterest boards or matching shirts. I generally advise against large characters & logos, but if your kid is obsessed with Elmo pajamas right now, then hey, just let him wear the Elmo pajamas--he might outgrow them tomorrow. There are no hard guidelines here, except to put on something that makes you feel your own best.

Beyond that, I don't set out hard rules or directives. Each family is different, so I want to stay open-minded to make sure your images reflect that individuality. Sometimes we'll plan an activity for you all to do together, sometimes we'll just sort of hang out while you guys cuddle and play, or we might take a walk through the city (or maybe we'll do all of those things!). We'll chat often in the weeks leading up to your session, so we can sketch out the plan that best fits the individuality of you & your loved ones. Rest assured I will do everything I can to help those starts align as perfectly as possible on the day of your session, so you end up with images that will be treasured for years to come.