west chester

the johns family


The thing I will remember most about this session is the abundance of happiness between Josie and her parents. The little lady was sound asleep when I arrived (giving us a chance to shoot Mom & Dad on their own for a bit, which was great), so I was fully prepared for her to freak out and melt down when she saw a stranger in her home upon awakening. I mean, wouldn't you? But nope; she was literally all smiles. The kind of smiles that radiated so beautifully from her sweet face, you just couldn't help but smile back. And the love and affection between Josie and her parents was equally palpable; this girl is so dearly adored by her amazing parents, and you can see that love sprinkled throughout the details of their home, like the living room painting of the Philadelphia Art Museum, where Dad proposed to Mom. I couldn't make up sweetness like that if I wanted to. Josie, you are one lucky + lovely girl!!

the brophy family


"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams".  - Roald Dahl

The Brophys recently found me through my Mother's Day mini sessions to benefit Every Mother Counts* - Dad surprised Mom with this as a gift (the sweetest, right?). If you live around Chester County, you'll know that the weather forecast has 99% unreliable for the past few weeks, the heat sweltering and the rain sudden and fierce. After some hemming, hawing and a little nail-biting on my part as to whether the weather would cooperate at all, we settled on an evening that ended up giving us the most perfect light--as if that's what was meant to be all along.  Cheesy as it may sound, love and happiness literally radiated out of all three of them, a collective family unit of shining sunbeams. And the ice cream! Little Mackenzie went after that cone like a champ, and I love that her parents were not one bit fussed about what might happen to her dress. As her mom said to me, life is short--I can't think of a better reason to enjoy every moment as much as humanly possible.

*If you missed this round, I occasionally offer limited mini session specials over on Instagram - make sure to connect with me there so you can stay in the loop!


the chinchio family


Connie Chang Chinchio and I crossed paths eons ago through our respective (now retired) knitting blogs - that was back when the internet was still small, blogging was new and knitting had only *just* started to shed its old-lady stigma. Even after we each traded crafting for motherhood, we stayed in touch now & then and she graciously invited me up to Jersey City to photograph her growing family. At the end of that session we commented on how we should try to get together again soon, especially so our kids could meet, but as life often does, those plans fell by the wayside and a couple of years quickly lapsed. So I couldn't have been more excited to receive a message from her a few months ago, telling me they were expecting their third child, and asking if I could take their family photos again--of course I said yes! The catch was that this would be a bittersweet session, as they were also in the middle of packing & prepping to move cross-country to California. I couldn't help but wish we'd tried harder to meet up with our families after all.

Connie and her husband were the perfect picture of calm & collected; not just for parents of a newborn, but for parents of three children who also happened to be packing up their lives and preparing to uproot the entire family for a new coast. And the kids were delightful - full of boundless energy, yes, but also so sweet and kind with each other, especially with their brand-new little brother. The Chinchio children are incredibly lucky to be so dearly loved.  Their New Jersey home was so full of life and warmth, and I'm sure they will take all that with them to make as happy a home in California, though the East Coast will certainly miss them.