butcher's sew shop: a craft story | philadelphia branding photography

I first came to know Butcher’s Sew Shop as a student in their knits 101 class, and I was immediately head over heels for pretty much everything they stand for: taking the fear out of making clothes, striking the perfect balance between patiently guiding students and giving them space to take risks, and cultivating a welcoming and inclusive space where anyone can enjoy creating in the supportive company of like-minded people. So when Mali asked me to shoot this class session, to put Butcher’s story to images so we could show everyone else just how incredible the learning experience is here, it felt a little bit like winning the lottery - so many things I care about came together all in this one project.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to have had the chance to help show the rest of our community what a treasure Butcher’s Sew Shop is to the Philly maker + small business scene. Being able to shoot for small businesses I personally support & believe in, exactly like Butcher, is the type of work I’d happily do forever.

the chinchio family


Connie Chang Chinchio and I crossed paths eons ago through our respective (now retired) knitting blogs - that was back when the internet was still small, blogging was new and knitting had only *just* started to shed its old-lady stigma. Even after we each traded crafting for motherhood, we stayed in touch now & then and she graciously invited me up to Jersey City to photograph her growing family. At the end of that session we commented on how we should try to get together again soon, especially so our kids could meet, but as life often does, those plans fell by the wayside and a couple of years quickly lapsed. So I couldn't have been more excited to receive a message from her a few months ago, telling me they were expecting their third child, and asking if I could take their family photos again--of course I said yes! The catch was that this would be a bittersweet session, as they were also in the middle of packing & prepping to move cross-country to California. I couldn't help but wish we'd tried harder to meet up with our families after all.

Connie and her husband were the perfect picture of calm & collected; not just for parents of a newborn, but for parents of three children who also happened to be packing up their lives and preparing to uproot the entire family for a new coast. And the kids were delightful - full of boundless energy, yes, but also so sweet and kind with each other, especially with their brand-new little brother. The Chinchio children are incredibly lucky to be so dearly loved.  Their New Jersey home was so full of life and warmth, and I'm sure they will take all that with them to make as happy a home in California, though the East Coast will certainly miss them.

a birthday session, part 2 of 2


...and here's the second half of last week's epic twin birthday session. While shooting in-home will always have my heart, I do love spending time outdoors with little ones, like we did here at Valley Forge Park. They got to run free, while I got to make up for skipping my workout by chasing after them. Win-win, right?

a birthday session, part 1 of 2


This is the third time I've photographed this awesome family, and each time is more fun than the last. This year, Mom invited me to document the boys' actual birthday--they were hiding out upstairs (they graciously allowed me admission into their room, even though I didn't meet pirate standards) while she set up a surprise breakfast for them, complete with (delicious) Froot Loops and tons of fun gifts. I even had my own portrait taken with a Jake and the Neverland Pirates camera.

Although the main goal of the session was to capture the boys' birthday, I loved taking in the whole scene of their life stage right now--Mom makes sure everyone's shoes are tied & hair is combed, Dad extracts new toys from their crazy screwed-on twist ties and reads them notes from their grandparents. Things that, when you put them all in context, weave together to show the complete story of who they are as a family unit at this particular moment.

We made so many amazing images that, instead of cramming them all into one post, I decided to break them up & I'll share the rest later this week. I really think each half deserves its own little time to shine as a stand-alone vignette.