the shah family | a langhorne lifestyle session

There's nothing better than working with clients who are also friends who are also family who also just let you do your thing while they do theirs. We love these guys dearly, and it was such a treat for me to be invited back into their home to capture a little slice of their life right now. 


The day my baby turned one: it started with watching the Ting Tings sing the birthday song on Yo Gabba Gabba at the crack of dawn, and ended with everybody collapsing from exhaustion and too much sugar at the end of the evening. Exactly how a birthday should be. A huge thank-you to the wonderful family & friends who came out to celebrate with us, and extra hugs to those who pitched in to make the day possible at all, in spite of the last-minute venue change and my persistent tendency to go Pinterest-crazy over silly details. This little guy sure is lucky to be surrounded by so much love. We all are.


saturdays (philadelphia family photographer)

A little peek into what our "fun days" look like right now. Not pictured: trips to the spray park down the road, the occasional explosive tantrum, too many cartoons and bathtime (because, well, maybe you guys are sick of seeing my bathtub by now). The days sometimes feel so long as they are unfolding, then instantly reduce to a blink by the time the sun sets.






























syra + family (bucks county, PA family photographer)



This little cutie has the kind of face that makes me break out in a goofy grin the second I see her. Those sweet cheeks, those happy, bright eyes; it's nearly impossible to resist the urge to reach out & cuddle her--and her brother is every bit as charming as she is! When you meet their parents, it's easy to see where they get it from :) I really loved every bit of this beautiful family session--can you tell by the overload of images I've posted?