family photograph

nora & co


If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know that I recently launched a mini session campaign with 100% benefit to the UN's refugee agency. This mini session was my first one, and I honestly didn't know what to expect--I'm so used to knowing I'll have a full 2 hours to really get to know families as a way of guiding the shoot, so would I really be able to do that in less than 60 minutes? My fears were completely unfounded; shooting with Nora and family was a piece of cake. Fun, happy cake, with her sweet furry brother Cooper being the icing on top. They are such warm, lovely bunch (not to mention super easy on the eyes), and the weather was perfect for exploring their Queen Village neighborhood - it really felt more like meeting new friends than actual work.

Each of these mini sessions has come together so perfectly, like puzzle pieces falling perfectly in place. I get to meet wonderful new people, create the kind of images that make my own heart sing, and together we make at least a little bit of difference in the lives of others who need it so badly, now more than ever. This is exactly the kind of work that feeds my soul.

Stay tuned to see more of these lovely minis over the coming weeks!