the miller family

If this mama's lovely face looks familiar, it's because she is the talented photographer behind Origin Photography. As is the case with most photographers, she spends most of her time behind the camera, not in front of it. But every parent should get in the frame with their babies now and then, especially when you've just welcomed a brand new one into your life; documenting your presence in their lives is as much a treasure for them as it is for you.  Regina, thank you so much for choosing me to capture a little slice of your life in honor of Bryce's arrival--it was such a treat to spend time with you and your delightful family.

the singh family


Seeing these four lovely people through my lens over the past few years has not only chronicled some of their growth as a family, but it's also shown me that I continue to be most inspired when I'm working with families in their own home, while they really just hang out and do normal family things. I realize how difficult it can be to "be yourself" when there's an outsider with a camera clicking constantly nearby--trust me, I know--but this family just lets me in, with no pretense and no apprehension, and I couldn't be more grateful for that.  Maybe it's because I've worked with them enough times before, and that I genuinely enjoy their company as friends, but their honesty and authenticity makes my job as their photographer an absolute joy, and I truly believe it's what also makes their images come together so beautifully year after year. These moments were all going to happen (mostly) independently of my presence, and I was just lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time.

the lourenco family


The lovely Evelyne Lourenco + her beautiful family at Valley Forge Park. It's always a joy to work with another photographer, and this was no exception. I've followed Evelyne's work for a while, and I've noticed how much nature plays into the way she sees her girls. After meeting them in person, I can definitely understand why--they were definitely in their element, happy and free.

the frankel family


For my young family clients, my sessions with them are often the first time they're having their photos taken professionally together, and there are a lot of unknowns for everyone. We do our best to make time to talk through the plan for the session beforehand, make sure everyone's has a general idea of what to expect, talk a little bit what you want to be able to see in your images when you look back, and so on. But hey, we're all busy. You're parents of tiny humans, often juggling a career and other responsibilities in addition to keeping them alive. Sometimes we don't have time to connect much at all beforehand, and you know what? It's OK. Don't worry. The great thing about lifestyle sessions is that they are less about what your home and clothes look like, and mostly about who you are together, and that's something that's probably on your mind a lot already. As long as you bring your love for your kids to your session (OK, and maybe a handful of kid-friendly bribes, just in case), everything else works out just fine. If you need proof, look here. These parents have full, busy careers in addition to raising their sweet children, and we just didn't have time for the questionnaires and such before the day of their session. They did know that they didn't have many photos of all four of them as a family unit, and time was moving so fast that they needed to freeze at least a little slice of this stage of their lives together right now. And as you can see here, that was more than enough to make sure it all turned out beautifully.

Is preparing for your session important? Absolutely, and I'll do as much as I can to make sure that happens. But if you're in a time crunch, it's not game over - just show up ready to focus on what you love best about each other as a family. I'll take care of the rest.