the wang family


Getting the chance to work with families more than once is basically like winning the photographer's lottery--it means the world that they've chosen me to tell another chapter of this beautiful, ongoing story of theirs.  I genuinely enjoy hanging out with kids and noticing all the ways they've grown since last time, especially as they transition to being big brothers and sisters.  The last time I worked with this family, Lucy was about Jack's age and we were working mostly in quiet, tender moments; now that the kiddo-parent ratio was evened up at 1:1, it was all about running around (on my part, at least) to catch belly giggles and sibling love, of which there was plenty.  The sweet little baby girl I met the first time was replaced by an exuberant, independent young lady, and her wide-eyed, charming little brother was clearly taking mental notes on her every move as he followed along.  Without a doubt, watching families shift and grow through my lens is one of the most enjoyable & rewarding parts of being a photographer.

august + family


You know what one of my favorite parts about photographing people is? It's not only the joy of making meaningful personal images for someone else - I mean, that is of course the heart of why I shoot the way I do, but there's this other amazing aspect to it, too. The actual experience of being around & getting to know new (to me), awesome people - considering how many things have to happen for individuals to cross path in a sea of so many others, it's not lost on me that I'm fortunate to connect with people whose company I genuinely enjoy as human beings, not just clients. Happy, warm and charmingly-dimpled human beings like August and his parents.

When August's mom first contacted me about family photos, she was a bit hesitant--they hadn't yet had professional photos taken together, and she just wasn't sure what to expect. As she voiced her concerns, I actually found myself getting really excited, because I could tell we already shared a very similar vision. Genuine moments, no forced smiles, being their authentic selves and capturing a story of who they are at this stage - that's my jam. It means a lot that, despite her hesitation about being photographed in general, they still put their trust in me to put some of their personal memories into images for them.  

August, I hope you look back on these images and see just how much you are truly loved and cherished by your parents & furry brother - and I hope you never outgrow that charming belly laugh or those beautiful dimples!