the first year


The day my baby turned one: it started with watching the Ting Tings sing the birthday song on Yo Gabba Gabba at the crack of dawn, and ended with everybody collapsing from exhaustion and too much sugar at the end of the evening. Exactly how a birthday should be. A huge thank-you to the wonderful family & friends who came out to celebrate with us, and extra hugs to those who pitched in to make the day possible at all, in spite of the last-minute venue change and my persistent tendency to go Pinterest-crazy over silly details. This little guy sure is lucky to be surrounded by so much love. We all are.


ten months

I'll be honest, this chair thing felt a little bit like a chore this month. Mostly because it happened during the morning chaos, with my husband & I tag-teaming two cranky children such that I wound up wrangling this one on my own. This squirmy ten month old, who is so loathe to be confined in any way that he'll readily forgo a bottle or meal just so he can escape his chair & be free to roam. Don't worry, buddy--only two more months and you'll be off the hook for this chair series.


nine months (downingtown baby photographer)

 Well, this will be the last month of doing the chair shot on my own, without someone nearby ready to catch this tiny daredevil as he launches himself, head first, off the seat. That is exactly what happened here, by the way. I was somewhat prepared with pillows piled all over the floor, ready to drop by camera and lunge forward to catch him, but that didn't prevent my blood pressure from skyrocketing when it actually happened. This one's going to be fearless, I can just tell.


eight months (downingtown baby photographer)

With my older son, I often study his features and see signs of myself in him, both in his appearance and personality. With this one, I mostly just find myself getting lost in those crazy blue eyes & the golden flecks of his hair, wondering if I will ever see any of myself in him at all. It's funny how different two children can be, isn't it? I shouldn't be all that surprised, because my sister and I were similarly polar opposites, but it just feels so different from the perspective of being their mom. Happy eight months, my little monkey. xoxo

six months (and a casting call!)

How is this little guy at the half-year mark already? Someone recently started talking to me about how his first birthday is right around the corner, and I had to stop her mid-sentence, or else I might have dissolved into blubbering mommy tears right then and there. (Psst... make sure you read all the way to the end to learn how YOU could score a free family shoot!)

The second order of today's business is that I just put out a casting call! Those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen the news already, but here are the details again, just in case.

Things are quiet this time of year, so I'm looking to do a few shoots in my own vision. I need 1-2 families with young children (under age 6, at least one newborn/baby <1 year preferred) to do an in-home session, preferably within 20 miles of zip 19335. Participants will receive a free 1-hour lifestyle session + 10 full-res digital files, provided you sign a model release. If you're interested, email me at with a brief description of yourself & your family, and one or two photos of your favorite spots in your home (phone shots are fine!). Deadline to submit is NEXT FRIDAY (Feb. 1), selections will be made two weeks after that, and sessions will take place by the end of March.

I can't wait to hear from you!!