olive | west chester, PA newborn photographer

The highest compliment I could ever receive from my families is for them to come back and book another session. I’ve been delighted to work with the Adjemians several times over the past few years, most recently to celebrate the arrival of newborn baby Olive. Watching their family grow and evolve has filled a hole in my creative heart that I didn’t even realize existed at first - having more time together has allowed us to discover how much we have in common, to where I can honestly say it feels effortless for me to slip in their front door and get straight to making magic with them. And bonus: we’re friends for real now, which means so much to me.

Establishing a long term relationship with your family photographer goes both ways - the bottom line is that it can truly elevate your photos over time. It creates a more in-depth, cohesive memoir of your family, which I promise your kids will cherish. For me, working together more than once allows me to get to know all of you even better, which means I am able to access, recognize, and capture more personally meaningful moments for you. On your end, the sessions just keep getting more fun and relaxed, because you know me, and you know exactly what to expect, so there’s really no warm-up required at the beginning - this is especially true for little ones. Whomever you choose to be your family photographer, I encourage you to seek out someone you can really connect with and depend on for the long haul; I promise it’ll pay off in spades.

the miller family

If this mama's lovely face looks familiar, it's because she is the talented photographer behind Origin Photography. As is the case with most photographers, she spends most of her time behind the camera, not in front of it. But every parent should get in the frame with their babies now and then, especially when you've just welcomed a brand new one into your life; documenting your presence in their lives is as much a treasure for them as it is for you.  Regina, thank you so much for choosing me to capture a little slice of your life in honor of Bryce's arrival--it was such a treat to spend time with you and your delightful family.

the johns family


The thing I will remember most about this session is the abundance of happiness between Josie and her parents. The little lady was sound asleep when I arrived (giving us a chance to shoot Mom & Dad on their own for a bit, which was great), so I was fully prepared for her to freak out and melt down when she saw a stranger in her home upon awakening. I mean, wouldn't you? But nope; she was literally all smiles. The kind of smiles that radiated so beautifully from her sweet face, you just couldn't help but smile back. And the love and affection between Josie and her parents was equally palpable; this girl is so dearly adored by her amazing parents, and you can see that love sprinkled throughout the details of their home, like the living room painting of the Philadelphia Art Museum, where Dad proposed to Mom. I couldn't make up sweetness like that if I wanted to. Josie, you are one lucky + lovely girl!!