the johns family


The thing I will remember most about this session is the abundance of happiness between Josie and her parents. The little lady was sound asleep when I arrived (giving us a chance to shoot Mom & Dad on their own for a bit, which was great), so I was fully prepared for her to freak out and melt down when she saw a stranger in her home upon awakening. I mean, wouldn't you? But nope; she was literally all smiles. The kind of smiles that radiated so beautifully from her sweet face, you just couldn't help but smile back. And the love and affection between Josie and her parents was equally palpable; this girl is so dearly adored by her amazing parents, and you can see that love sprinkled throughout the details of their home, like the living room painting of the Philadelphia Art Museum, where Dad proposed to Mom. I couldn't make up sweetness like that if I wanted to. Josie, you are one lucky + lovely girl!!