ameya (philadelphia, PA newborn photographer)

It's a huge privilege for me to be invited into families' homes to capture them in their most personal spaces, often at a time--in the context of newborns, at least--which is otherwise wrought with chaos and seismic shifts in interpersonal dynamics. Mom might worry that their home is not as tidy as it should be, Dad might still be getting to know the baby, or maybe there's a big brother or sister who still hasn't totally adjusted to the new "sibling" job title. As a result, there is no higher compliment I can receive than to be told that someone chooses me because they TRUST me. Because they don't feel uncomfortable letting me in to see all those unscripted moments and un-staged corners of their house. Because they have confidence that I will help them distill this small window of time into images of truth and beauty that they will look forward to cherishing years down the road.

  Admittedly, I had a huge advantage here because these are people I am lucky to call personal friends, they (and their home) are inherently beautiful, and their older son freely doles out sweet kisses to his brand-new, sweet little sister. It was a complete joy for me to create these images for Ameya and her family, and I will carry their kind words with me for a long time to come.