go outside

(Like my not-so-subtle reference to Cults? That song played on repeat around our house for a long time...)

  There aren't a whole lot of indoor places you can take both a baby and an almost-not-toddler-anymore where everybody can have fun doing the same thing at the same time. So, we basically just try to get everybody outside at least once a day. It might seem like a trivial thing to talk about, taking your kids outside, but, for us, it's something of a paradigm of how parenthood has transformed us. Pre-kids, we were not exactly nature people. Give us a tangled, smoggy web of a city, a subway map and a shortlist of great restaurants, and we'd be right at home. But ask us to go camping? We'd probably look nervously at each other in silent agreement to decline, and then politely thank you for the invitation, but sorry, we have plans to, uh, balance our parking ticket budget that day.


But then we did have kids, and we were reminded through them of the pure joy of taking in a perfect 70-degree breeze under a wide, uninterrupted canopy of cotton-candy clouds against an impossibly blue sky, while running around in wide open grass for the sheer reason that there's nothing in your way to stop you. (Note that I didn't say "running barefoot". We are not that reformed yet.). Watching your baby's face light up in surprise and delight at the sound of an actual, real-live duck while his brother has a heartfelt conversation with a lamb, well, that makes it kind of hard to justify all your pining and whining about wanting your old city life back, doesn't it?


(P.S. See? I was right about predicting that we'd only go as far as the creamery this weekend.)