mom tears (main line children's photographer)

You know what I mean by that, right? As in, the tears that spontaneously erupt at times when everyone around you is enjoying a perfectly normal, drama-free moment, and then the littlest thing sends you into a sentimental spiral, and you're suddenly fighting back the ugly cry, trying not to look like a total wimp who reinforces every stereotype of emotional-basketcase moms ever?  Yeah, I used to look at my mom as if she was from another planet when she started up with those. Now, I'm the wimpiest of the lot.  Here's an example. I was cleaning up my hard drive the other day, and I discovered a few forgotten gems, like this image, which was taken during an apple-picking trip last October:


Then I moved on to editing some more recent personal images:


And then, I cried.  I realized he had turned into a whole new person in the span of four short months, and it just wasn't fair.  It's such a challenge for me to capture a true portrait of him these days, because he's always either a) over-aware of the camera & turning on the cheese in overdrive, b) adamant that I am not, under any circumstances, allowed to take his picture, or c) being his perfect self in the perfect light at the exact moment I am, say, changing his brother's diaper and the camera is nowhere within reach. That's why you've mostly seen him in snippets here lately - why *I* have only been able to really observe him in snippets, so that I didn't realize how much he was changing until I put these images side by side.


If you'll excuse me now, I just have to run to Costco for more tissues.