hello, charlotte (Wayne, PA lifestyle newborn photographer)


Oh, sweet little Charlotte--you surprised your parents by arriving early, but you wouldn't know it by their calm, easygoing attitudes!


This whole family was a dream to shoot: kind, photogenic, and so warm & laid back that I immediately felt comfortable in their home. Which, by the way, was a dream in itself--I felt like I was walking through the pages of a Martha Stewart design feature! Big brother reminded me so much of my own 3-year-old--they even both share a love of all things Curious George & superheroes. Their smiles came easily & naturally, and there was no shortage of love between them. The whole session, from the shooting down to the last edit, couldn't have been more perfect.


As you can see, this is a HUGE share--I don't normally post this many images from a single session, but I've recently decided to follow my heart & make the shift to all-lifestyle (i.e., no more complex beanbag posing), and I wanted you to have an idea of what a full session of mine looks like. Truth be told, I make a lot of my business decisions based on what I would want if I were in your shoes, and this is one thing I would consider pretty important before deciding to book someone: to be able to see what a whole package looks like, not just a highlight reel. That was also the reason I've gone back to flat rate pricing; as a client, I tend to seek out things that are straightforward and simple. As a photographer, having the freedom to shoot what I need to in order to put a whole story together for you, without having to worry about what it would look like if you only purchased 5 or 10 images, well, that just makes my job so much more enjoyable.  Not to mention, there's no pressure for either of us afterward (no now-or-never committing to print products for you, no push to expand a sale for me), so it just makes this all more laid back and fun & leaves us free to focus on your beautiful images. I hope you feel that way, too!